26 May, 2011

GO to MY New Blog!

Well, I have decided that since I'm not really just "I'm Kassie" anymore, that I should start a new blog. The new blog will be about me AND my husband, our life and home. I have imported the posts from this blog to the new one that have been written since Randy came into my life. I've also updated all of the pages of the blog, so click on the tabs at the top of the homepage! Please come see the new blog and be a follower!! :) Click here!

13 May, 2011

Painting the Living Room

I wrote this post yesterday, only to find that Blogger was doing some maintenance and deleted it. SO, here I go again.

The house is coming along, but I haven't had a chance to blog about everything we've been doing. A couple of weeks ago, Randy and I headed to Lowe's to pick out paint. Originally, I had my heart set on a yellow living room. That's what I have now in our lease house, and I love it with my furniture. While looking at swatches and pictures in brochures, we saw a pretty color called Crunch Granola. NOT YELLOW. It's a caramel-ly brown color...We decided to go with that.

After it was painted, I liked the color, but not in my house. It made the room feel dark and small and it looked awful with the gumwood trim around the windows and fireplace. I didn't want to say anything to Randy who had worked so hard to paint it, but I eventually asked him what he really thought of it. He didn't like it either. YAY! SO, we headed back to Lowe's to get the originally intended yellow. We picked a pretty shade called English Tea Party, or something like that. However, the walls weren't even completely painted and I hated it. Randy just shook his head at me...but he finally admitted he thought it looked awful. Well, we ended up just going with a neutral color...the same color we had painted in the dining area. It's pretty...not exactly the "wow" color I wanted, but I like it. (When you see the picture, you'll notice it's not completely finished)Now to wait and see what it looks like with my furniture. Someday we may paint that gumwood (YIKES!...It's beautiful) white, and I'll then get my yellow living room.

My next post will be about the kitchen. Our new cabinets are finally finished and were delivered yesterday! Yippee!!

Until then....

Isn't this awful??!
Much better! OH-and did you notice the green carpet is gone??

22 April, 2011

Our Big Little Cottage Makeover

Well, here it is. My first post in FOREVER and the first post about our home makeover. Randy and I bought this cute little house...and maybe I should stop saying little because it's bigger than it appears from the front. Anyway, we closed on the house about 3 weeks ago and the work began that day. But first....I will tell you a little about the house.

I have always wanted a cute "cottage"...I've always had an eye for vintage things, or things that are new but have that "old" look (even before it became so popular within the last few years). I'm a dreamer. I've always been a reader, which is probably why I've always been a dreamer. These kinds of homes are always in books...storybooks when the world must have been just a little bit sweeter. The perfect life exists somewhere in my dreams, and this is just one step closer! Maybe I'm too nostalgic.... But back to the We wanted something old that we could fix up, but still be true to its character. This house was for sale by owner and the day we looked at it, we fell in love with it. I could drag this story out, but to make the story a little shorter, we met the owners and they are very kind people. They were hesitant in putting the house on the market as it has been in their family nearly since the home was built around 1928. The day we signed on it, there were tears on their part, and promises from us to take care of it and an open invitation for visits if they'd like. They grew up in this house, and I can only imagine the whirl of emotions they felt that day, handing the keys over. But from the very first day Randy and I sat foot in the house, it just felt like HOME.

Everything in the house has been taken care of. There's original light fixtures, bathroom fixtures...a beautiful fireplace and gorgeous woodwork in the living and dining rooms that has not been painted over. The walls are solid wood and under the carpet is hardwood floors throughout the house. This is not the kind of house you run across every day.

So, now we embrace the project! Time to remodel! I intend to post pictures here often. Hopefully, I can keep up with it! So far, we (we means mostly Randy, some help from Andre, and a teensy weensy bit of help from me...ha!) have pulled up all the shrubs that were not the greatest from the yard, we have torn out a couple of walls, put a wall where a door was and just began the texturing. Yesterday, my input came in a bit more with picking some paint colors! :)

I could go on and on, but I will post some pictures because if you're reading this, I know you're tired of my rambling and would rather see the pics!

Here's the front of the house just after all the shrubs had been dug up. The only picture I got prior to that was on my iphone. I won't tell you everything we are going to do in the first post, but we do intend to paint the brick. We were hesitant at first, but we've looked at several houses that have been painted and they are beautiful. We are thinking a light grayish color.

This is the garage and apartment in the back yard. We have a couple of ideas we are thinking on for what we'll do with this.

Here's the sideview down the driveway. I think backing out from the garage may take some getting used to!

This is a look at the back yard from the alley.

Hopefully, I'm going to be getting a little wider angle lens soon. You can't really see the full room in these next pictures, but you get the idea. This is the breakfast area the way it looked from the beginning. Sorry it's a little blurry!

Here it is now with the wall between the kitchen and breakfast area knocked out. We are building a utility room in the end of the existing kitchen, so we knocked the wall out to extend the kitchen. We won't lose any eating space because we are adding a small bar that will be attached to the kitchen cabinets and counter.

Somehow,I didn't get a picture inside the dining room...just from right outside the door. But here it is...and the next picture is of dining room with the wall knocked out. We will be adding decorative posts here to support the wall. We plan to build a staircase to the attic and it will empty out where this wall has been knocked out.

And that is enough for one post! Hopefully, I'll have more to post soon. We should be doing some painting tomorrow or next week. Have a great weekend!


29 March, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Miles!

This post will not be nearly as nicely expressed as the one here, but.....I can't believe it's been one year ago today that little Miles Hunter Dutton graced us with his presence! He has definitely turned out to be one of the greater joys in life (of course we knew he would!), and I can't imagine life without him. It's amazing what a little guy with big, blue eyes and a crazy cute smile can do to your heart! I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with my sweet nephew. When I first started babysitting him a couple of days a week, my thoughts were that I wasn't sure I could keep it up. It was definitely a challenge (and great training for motherhood!). But now, it just seems natural and I look forward to the days he arrives. We spend the mornings at work with Aunt Linda (he doesn't know anyone else when she's in the room!!). He's quite the pro at drinking coffee (decaf, of course) and loves the typewriter (yes, we still use one of those). In the afternoon, we just hang out and have fun. Even Uncle Randy is smitten with him! To say the least, he has certainly stolen my heart! Happy 1st Birthday, Miles! Aunt Kassie loves you THHHHIIIIIISSSSSS much!

Last Saturday, Miles had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. Here's a few pics.

The Birthday Boy!

Guests were invited to sign a Dr Seuss birthday storybook.

Green Eggs and Ham!

Cat in the Hat cake!

I made this birthday banner out of chipboard. I painted it and glittered and painted the letters. I didn't have a wider angle lens to get the whole thing up close. It was fun to make....maybe I'll do some more!

Slideshow of Miles.

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